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I’m Still Standing!

I’m feeling mentally exhausted after yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday, I once again had a “nudge” towards law school; something I’ve considered before, but have always questioned how realistic that goal is. So I am now thinking about college and my mind is wandering with all of the possibilities!

Since it is almost 11:00pm and I want to stay with my 30 day blogging challenge, here is a video of the song I was listening to on my way to court shenanigans.  This song was particularly fitting yesterday. It just was.  I was in close proximity to someone who tries very hard to knock me down. Guess what?  He never wins.  I won’t let him 🙂

Anyways, here’s the song, and I will hopefully post something more substantial tomorrow 🙂

Elton John is amazing! I love all of his songs.  This video is slightly weird, though.

Til next time.