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We Stand Out, Yes We Do

Last night I signed my two older sons to work the fundraiser for our Special Olympic group. We’ve been participating for 3 years now and I figured it’s time we give back. For some reason I thought that Henry would be able to handle sitting in one spot for 2 hours while my other boys… Read More We Stand Out, Yes We Do


And They Think I Actually Know Something.

Yesterday I got the dreaded phone call from the social worker at Henry’s school. Although I like most of the professionals that work with my children on a daily basis, I don’t like seeing the number come up on caller ID, mostly because they rarely ever call with good news. I expected that this would… Read More And They Think I Actually Know Something.

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Your Phone Ruined My Rollercoaster Ride

Over the weekend we reached a huge milestone in our family. Henry, my youngest child with ASD, rode the big rides at the amusement park for the first time, and he wasn’t afraid. It turns out most amusement parks have special passes for ASD kids. You show them the pass and you get a specific… Read More Your Phone Ruined My Rollercoaster Ride


Curing Autism

For the past couple of days in one of my various autism Facebook support group the following question has been sparking a major debate: Q: if you could would you cure your kiddo with Asd… ? If you want to get a bunch of people who don’t know each other outside of Facebo0k to have… Read More Curing Autism


This is My Life

It’s Monday Morning and the house is completely quiet.  In the air is the aroma of a  freshly brewed pot of coffee.  And I am sitting here, by myself. Alone. That’s what a lot of Mondays are like. And then there are the other Mondays, when there is chaos, and I am not peacefully drinking… Read More This is My Life

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When Life Turns out Differently than You Planned

When I was a little girl, I had a plan. After I graduated from high school, I would go to college and get a degree. Then I would travel the world for 3 years, after which point I would get married and have 4 children. Three boys, and a little girl who would be protected… Read More When Life Turns out Differently than You Planned


On the Ambiguity of Autism

This is an excerpt from a paper I wrote for a Rhetorical Theory class. I am not an expert on Autism; nor do I claim to be one. However, as the mother of four children-three of whom are on the Austism spectrum, these are things I often think about. As the mother of three children… Read More On the Ambiguity of Autism