Our Family Habit

I’m starting namoblopo 2 days late because you know, I was busy forgetting to take out the trash.… Read More Our Family Habit


The Mother I Wasn’t

The very important lesson I learned about myself as a mother. A person’s words hold as much weight as we allow them to. I remember this always.… Read More The Mother I Wasn’t


What Getting Divorced Taught Me

One of the things that I regret doing when I was going through my divorce was taking advice from everyone.  This is what happened: My divorce was dramatic. That was mostly my fault, as I chose to share it with more people than I probably should have.  It didn’t help that the papers were served… Read More What Getting Divorced Taught Me

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Playing the Waiting Game

Have you ever had a day, when you knew you were going to get some type of life changing news? That’s me today; waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for the life changing news. I have things to do and places to go but I’m afraid if I step away from my phone for… Read More Playing the Waiting Game

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Death of A Smalltown Cafe

For 3 years, my son Z and I went for breakfast every other week at this little cafe down the road from our house. I loved this place because we would walk in and everyone would greet us. The waitress would bring us our beverages. The cook already had our orders in before we even… Read More Death of A Smalltown Cafe

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While I’ve Been Away

So the other day I was thinking about how things are finally getting better for me. For one thing, I graduated from college three weeks ago. Considering that I started in 1991, the fact that I finally finished is no small feat for me. Seriously. I am so proud of myself and I am not… Read More While I’ve Been Away

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The Truth About English Majors

It might surprise you to know that not every English major wants to be a teacher. I know, because I am an English major, and I have never had any intentions of teaching. Even when I was a Spanish major, I didn’t think I would be a teacher.  I don’t like talking in front of… Read More The Truth About English Majors

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Friends In High Spaces

Every so often I randomly see something and it makes me think about something or someone I knew way back when. Yesterday something like that happened. I was browsing at the used bookstore in the mall… browsing because it is January and I am post-Christmas broke and can’t really afford to buy anything, and I… Read More Friends In High Spaces

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Thoughts on The Fourth Day of The Year

For many years I swore that the year I was currently experiencing was the “worst” ever. Bad things kept happening, and despite the fact that I would wish the badness of the year away, things only seemed to get worse with the change of the new year. At a certain point every year seemed to… Read More Thoughts on The Fourth Day of The Year