Our Family Habit

I’m starting namoblopo 2 days late because you know, I was busy forgetting to take out the trash.… Read More Our Family Habit


What Getting Divorced Taught Me

One of the things that I regret doing when I was going through my divorce was taking advice from everyone.  This is what happened: My divorce was dramatic. That was mostly my fault, as I chose to share it with more people than I probably should have.  It didn’t help that the papers were served… Read More What Getting Divorced Taught Me

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Playing the Waiting Game

Have you ever had a day, when you knew you were going to get some type of life changing news? That’s me today; waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for the life changing news. I have things to do and places to go but I’m afraid if I step away from my phone for… Read More Playing the Waiting Game

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How I Became a Licensed Driver

This semester I am taking a class I have literally been waiting my entire life to take: my first creative writing class since I sat in Mrs. Dulgar’s writing class in my senior year of high school. Anyways, the class is non-fiction writing.  (Non-fiction writing=true stories). How cool is it to take a class where… Read More How I Became a Licensed Driver

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Here’s A Story

Yesterday one of my coworkers told me that our former boss had stopped by with some great news: Her book was finally published! And, we could buy it on for only $17.99! A few months ago, she (my then boss) and I were talking and she told me that she was in the final… Read More Here’s A Story

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The Truth About English Majors

It might surprise you to know that not every English major wants to be a teacher. I know, because I am an English major, and I have never had any intentions of teaching. Even when I was a Spanish major, I didn’t think I would be a teacher.  I don’t like talking in front of… Read More The Truth About English Majors

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Friends In High Spaces

Every so often I randomly see something and it makes me think about something or someone I knew way back when. Yesterday something like that happened. I was browsing at the used bookstore in the mall… browsing because it is January and I am post-Christmas broke and can’t really afford to buy anything, and I… Read More Friends In High Spaces

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Thoughts on The Fourth Day of The Year

For many years I swore that the year I was currently experiencing was the “worst” ever. Bad things kept happening, and despite the fact that I would wish the badness of the year away, things only seemed to get worse with the change of the new year. At a certain point every year seemed to… Read More Thoughts on The Fourth Day of The Year

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They Called Me “Gringa”

I’m currently working on my portfolio that is required of me to graduate with a degree in Rhetoric/Writing. This is one of the pieces I am including. It has been over 25 years since I set foot in Costa Rica, but the memories I had of that summer will stay with me forever. When I… Read More They Called Me “Gringa”

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Day 29. Second to Last Day.

It’s been a long day. Once again I was overly ambitious in the things I thought I’d get done. And only did a fraction of the things I thought I’d do. But…we got up our tree today. The purple lights I’ve been waiting all year to put on the tree look more like a shade… Read More Day 29. Second to Last Day.