That’s Not Fair

 Every morning at around 6:15am Henry opens my door and jumps into my bed. Most of the time I wake up when he does this, other times I don’t notice until I feel someone kicking me. I haven’t slept in for at least 5 months and I do blame someone for that, which I… Read More That’s Not Fair


Our Family Habit

I’m starting namoblopo 2 days late because you know, I was busy forgetting to take out the trash.… Read More Our Family Habit

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Good Writing, Bad Writing, And Everything In Between

One of the things that used to come up a lot in my English classes were the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books, and the “Twilight” series. In class one time when we were talking about it my professor said, “How is it, that bad writing can become so popular, and the good stuff does not?”… Read More Good Writing, Bad Writing, And Everything In Between

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Nablopomo Day 1: Nomophobia

For one of my classes this semester I am doing a research paper on smart phone addiction. Did you know that there is actually a new term that has been coined for a person who is obsessed with their phone? Neither did I.  But apparently it is a big deal. So big, in fact, that… Read More Nablopomo Day 1: Nomophobia