The Day He Asked for Orange Soda

  A few weeks ago we were sitting in the office of a psychologist, where H was getting evaluated to see where exactly he was developmentally. The doctor was asking him to complete a variety of tasks, none of which he apparently wanted to do. Instead, he sat and looked at his hands that he was… Read More The Day He Asked for Orange Soda


My Wannabe Criminal

April is Autism Acceptance Month and I hope to share many of my colorful autism stories.
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That’s Not Fair

 Every morning at around 6:15am Henry opens my door and jumps into my bed. Most of the time I wake up when he does this, other times I don’t notice until I feel someone kicking me. I haven’t slept in for at least 5 months and I do blame someone for that, which I… Read More That’s Not Fair


This is My Life

It’s Monday Morning and the house is completely quiet.  In the air is the aroma of a  freshly brewed pot of coffee.  And I am sitting here, by myself. Alone. That’s what a lot of Mondays are like. And then there are the other Mondays, when there is chaos, and I am not peacefully drinking… Read More This is My Life