Why Yes; I say No

Yesterday was one of those days. I had a long “mental” to-do list.  Most of it didn’t get done. I sat on the couch almost all day. I may have drunk a lot of coffee, and I may have taken a nap at some point in the day. I was well-intentioned.  Like I said, I… Read More Why Yes; I say No

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Let’s Try Doing Nothing: How One Minnesota University Addresses Gender Violence

Sharing this for a friend because people need to be aware of things like this. Domestic Violence is no laughing matter.


This is My Life

It’s Monday Morning and the house is completely quiet.  In the air is the aroma of a  freshly brewed pot of coffee.  And I am sitting here, by myself. Alone. That’s what a lot of Mondays are like. And then there are the other Mondays, when there is chaos, and I am not peacefully drinking… Read More This is My Life


The TV called Spite

For the past three years I’ve had in my possession a rather nice 50 something inches projection TV that I might have liked under other circumstances.   A refrigerator. That’s what my husband was supposed to be shopping for when he went to the appliance store that day way back when. He did purchase a… Read More The TV called Spite