They Called Me “Gringa”

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  • Interesting that you were homesick going there and coming back. Were the people in Costa Rica helpful to you? I don’t understand why someone did not help you get an umbrella or tell you about the horse meat.

    • The people in Costa Rica were very helpful towards me when I was there. I think someone eventually gave me an umbrella but for a long time my volunteer partner and I walked around wearing ponchos. As for the horse meat, we ate it all summer long thinking it was fried bologna. I never thought to question it. It wasn’t until towards the end that someone told us that it was horse meat. I ate a lot of questionable things that I still don’t know really what it was. Seeing as we were fully immersed and doing volunteer work in the poorest parts of the country it probably would have been rude to question what we were eating. 🙂

    • I think people knowingly want you to struggle and figure it out on your own. Soy de sud afrika and I remember how my friends kept laughing at the American who came to live in our town for a few months.