The Stuff No One Tells You About Divorce

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  • Rick

    Wow, what a powerful message of hope!

  • Very well stated. Divorce is almost like a “secret process” that cannot be truly understood by anyone who hasn’t gone through one themselves – and it’s a painfull and mostly private journey. It washes over so many of us (pick your favorite cited % of marriages that end in divorce) – yet it mostly happens “under the radar” and invisible to the eyes of most of the world around you, like a hidden disease. You feel like you’re the only one going through it sometimes, and wonder “why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?” because it’s something most people avoid talking about because it’s such a sad and negative topic for folks NOT going through one themselves. Like disease. Turns out the disease of divorce is survivable though.

  • It absolutely feels like a disease, but a survivable one at that. People have tons of advice when you are actually going through the divorce (legal etc) but that advice all seems to disappear once the divorce is actually final. People don’t seem to understand that the finalization of the divorce does not mean the end of the process.